“That was a normal confrontation (confrontation seems too strong of a word, it was more like informal meeting) just like at the end of every game, win or lose. After the coach completed all of his interviews, we found ourselves together to talk just like normal.”

That was Giuseppe Marotta, Inter sport CEO, speaking to Sky Sport about the face-to-face meeting with Luciano Spalletti yesterday.

He continues, “Parma game is not decisive. We recognize the difficult moment that has created so much bitterness to us and the fans but Spalletti’s position is solid with 16 games remaining, many points to win and we are still in third. We are in a period of involution but we rely on our squad, a very strong club and a capable coach, with fans that support us. I am sure that we will come out of it as in the past.

“The whistles from fans? I think that it is a demonstration of love from our fans when things are not going well. We have to understand the mood of those who pay to see the games, wanting to see their club win and convince. We must get to the Champions League. We have to find continuity again and Spalletti will get us out of this difficult period.”

Marotta also talks about Mauro Icardi and if the contract negotiation is a distraction.

“Mauro is a good person. He always gives maximum effort but then again he is young and has room for improvement. And he has to perform better. Again, I have optimistic vision: 16 games are left and we need to face this final phase with calmness and continuity. And no, contract negotiation cannot and must not affect someone like Icardi. He will have a lot to discuss in his career because he is very young. These are just the dynamics that all teams have to deal with. Contract situation is managed by his wife who represents him so he has to stay focused on his job and being the captain of a great team. His goals remain very important for us to win.

“Nainggolan has had difficulty being integrated in this team and his performances do not match his value. But we are talking about a professional here, one that must give more and he is aware of it. He talks daily with Spalletti and is recovering physical fitness and I am sure that his professionalism will emerge and will give us performances of someone that has great character like him.”

Source: Sky

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/2/4/marotta-i-am-optimistic-16-games-left-many-points-to-win-spalletti-is-not-at-risk-icardi-no-contract-talk-cannot-and-must-not-be-a-distraction