The decision is this: the current San Siro stadium will be torn down to make room for a brand new stadium shared between Inter and Milan. The Nerazzurri, after a moment of reflection, seem to have agreed to go with this plan together with the inner city cousins. 

“The clubs will present a plan to the city by the end of April but they could already do it as early as next week. Mayor Sala would have preferred remodeling the current stadium but he has never closed the door on any alternative. Remodeling the Meazza would take a long time, high costs, the final results wouldn’t be ideal and both sides would need to find another stadium to play for one or two seasons. This ‘demolition’ plan, on the other hand, allows a modern stadium with 60 thousand fans and more design freedom. Inter and Milan would be able to continue playing in the old stadium during the construction of a new one.”

“Owning a stadium is a fundamental asset,” said Inter finance CEO Alessandro Antonello. The construction of a new stadium would require between 3-5 years.

Source: GdS

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