According to Sport Mediaset, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has instructed his team which consists of Fabio Paratici and Pavel Nedved this morning to stop any dialogue with Antonio Conte. And the reason is that he would like to have a conversation with Massimiliano Agnelli first to see if he really has a €15M per year contract offer from PSG as it has been rumored for a few days.

Obviously, Juventus have no intension to match that kind of offer because at most they would only offer him an extension until 2021 with an increase to about €8M a year. Everything is to be defined in short but at this moment Conte is very unlikely to return to Turin.

In this context, Inter continue its work on the former Chelsea coach. This braking from Juventus could prove to be a precious card for Giuseppe Marotta to take play. The Inter CEO continues his pressing on Antonio Conte, the only candidate to eventually replace Luciano Spalletti, and this pressing is constant. Even Piero Ausilio is now convinced but endorsement by the Zhang family is still missing and it is mainly because of costs. We all have heard countless number of stories on how changing a coach now, especially with Conte as replacement, would cost the Nerazzurri between €75M-€80M.

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