Inter have surpassed every one to be in pole position to land Antonio Conte this summer. This is the conviction of the Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport this morning as both newspapers see the Nerazzurri ready to say goodbye to Luciano Spalletti to direct all of its resources to bring home the former Italian coach. 

Juventus will not play a key role in all of this because Allegri should remain on the bench next season. It will not be Roma either despite the fact that the Giallorossi are ready to hire Petrachi as new sporting director and the deep friendship between the current Torino director and the Italian coach is well know. PSG (closer to PSG), Manchester United and Bayern Munich are not in the race for Conte. In the background, the temptation to hire Mauricio Pochettino remains but this operation appears to be very complicated.

“This is the reason why Conte is not giving Roma the final answer. Inter can guarantee greater solidity in terms of technical project, at least in the short team, because the club has the certainty (almost, four more games to go) of collecting Champions League money. Sacking Spalletti (doing so would cost Suning €25M) is not exactly easy.

“Let’s go back to when he was let go by Russian club Zenit. He remained under contract with Zenit until December 31 2015, keeping Roma in suspense as they wanted to hire him to replace Garcia. Conte’s demand of €9M-€10M should be added to this expense of sacking Spalletti, plus an ambitious shopping campaign this summer. Marotta just arrived at Inter and let’s think about that logically: if he cannot choose the coach in total autonomy, then why was he hired in the first place?”

Not only Conte. In fact, a new club structure will be built on his arrival.

“In the conviction that championships are won first and foremost by having strong management, the project around the figure of Conte will be structured at 360 degrees with the arrival of a director who can assist him in the day-to-day management of the group (Lele Oriali) and the other (Piero Ausilio) will deal exclusively with scouting and the transfer market.”

Everything will depend on the final decision of Zhang Jindong who will give the final ok only after reaching the Champions League. According to Tuttosport, to confirm the feeling that Inter have for Conte, we can just look at recent transfer market moves by the club.

“Negotiations for Danilo, a fullback that Conte really wanted at Chelsea, is the start. And if Dalbert leaves this summer, Inter would go after Darmian, another player Conte appreciates as he has coached him before in the Italian national team. Same with Dzeko who is a striker that Conte has always liked, just look at the negotiation between Chelsea and Roma in January 2018 for the Bosnian.”

Source: TS – CdS

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