“The impression is that with Champions League qualification (not one that was reached on the final day of the season like last year) could be enough for Spalletti to return to the bench for one more season.”

This is according to Tuttosport which is no longer certain of a separation between the Tuscan coach and Suning at the end of the season. The reasons? There are many.

Firstly, it has to do with economics. Sacking Spalletti would potentially cost Inter €20M which would mean sacrificing a possible signing for the team for a new face on the bench. And then there is the technical aspect of the matter: Inter need a coach who can build a winning group and Spalletti has the very profile that Suning needs. 

Make no mistake about it, Spalletti will continue to be evaluated until the end of the season. The exit in Champions League and then Europa League will remain in all considerations of future decisions. If there were going to be a change, Antonio Conte is the strong favorite while the alternative could be Maurizio Sarri.

Source: TS

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/3/22/another-champions-league-qualification-could-be-enough-to-save-spalletti-for-another-season-sacking-him-would-cost-inter-20m