At the end of the board of directors meeting necessary to ratify the official appointment of Giuseppe Marotta as Inter CEO, the former Juventus executive stops by to speak about the event to the present reporters.

“Feelings are positive, it is a day of great pride. I would like to thank the shareholders and the Zhang family for this new path that they have given me.”

Marotta also speaks about the rumors circulated about a possible coaching change.

“Spalletti is a good coach. He has to work calmly and it is up to us to support him in all of his activities. It is not easy to get the results that Inter want to accomplish but it is our obligation to have an important objective ahead of us. He must continue working with great serenity because the club is at his disposal.”

How do you reduce the gap with Juventus?

“By not making claims that are not concrete. But by trying to have a culture of work accompanied by a sense of belonging to this club, through which we can find satisfactions with the support of the fans that has never failed us.”

What stands about about Suning?

“The great determination and desire to win, the trust in its management, it is up to us to repay this trust.”

Source: FCIN

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