Speaking to Sport Mediaset ahead of Coppa Italia debut against Benenvento, Joao Mario believes that this team has the quality to go all the way.

“We always play to win. We want to do well in the new year and we now have two important cups that we must try to win. Benevento have given their all to be able to play this match, therefore, we’ll have to pay maximum attention. If we want to reach the final then obviously we’ll have to win.

“Thanks to the Coach and my teammates, I’ve regained my confidence and I’m now enjoying a positive spell. I was ready when I started against Lazio and it went well for both myself and the team. Right from the beginning, we knew that we were a strong side. We’re always battling to improve our league position. I always look to make sure I’m ready and my focus is already on the next match. That is the most important thing for me.”

Source: SM

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/1/9/joao-mario-benevento-must-give-maximum-attention-and-always-play-to-win