Iron defense project. This is the idea of Inter according to the Corriere dello Sport.

It is difficult to find an adjective to describe a defense formed by Skriniar, De Vrij and Godin but this is just one step away from happening. The Uruguayan has already said yes to Inter despite the fans asking for Atletico Madrid to meet his demand.

So Godin is coming. De Vrij is confirmed and Skriniar is not going anywhere as explicitly said out loud the other day by Luciano Spalletti. “No one has the money to buy him. He is priceless and he is staying here,” said the coach after 6-2 victory over Benevento.

One more piece needed to complete the list of central defenders since Miranda is going to leave. Andersen from Sampdoria seems to be the favorite. With the Polish, it would be extremely difficult to identify a better defense in Europe, one that is so rich both in terms of quality and quantity.

Source: CdS

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