Inter captain Samir Handanovic talks to Sky Sport after the victory against Rapid Vienna.

“In football, nothing is taken for granted: if you are not ready to play well or underestimate it then things could have been different. The way this game ends may give you the idea that it was an easy game but it was not especially in the initial phase. We have improved but I think there is still room for further improvement. 

“Is the armband giving me greater responsibility? It is not a noble title or a trophy, but it is a great responsibility. At Inter, wearing it is a privilege. It is important to me and I hope to give my teammates a hand. Whoever has the captaincy is not important, the most important thing is that there are 5-6 players that pull the group forward. My behavior has not changed. I continue to behave like I did before the captaincy and will continue to be me: a captain’s behavior is under always under the magnifying glass and I hope to help the team.”

Source: Sky

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