According to the Corriere dello Sport, Luciano Spalletti is going to leave Inter regardless of if there’s Champions League football next season or not.

“If Inter do not quality for the Champions League, his departure will be automatic but even in the case of yes, the chances of him staying wouldn’t be any higher. Because the club management has been on this path for a long time, one that leads them to Antonio Conte and now they must understand if (and when) Antonio is going to say yes.

“The remaining fixtures play in Spalletti’s favor because achieving 6 points at home against Chievo and Empoli would give Inter surely a fourth place finish. But even with Champions League, the team’s seasonal goal for two straight years, Inter are oriented to launch a new project. The Chinese ownership, which has injected massive amount of money over the past few years to cover debt and to provide new sponsorships, has already given the green light to invest in Conte even on the condition of paying Spalletti and his staff over €25M in gross income.

“But first, Inter need Champions League football and the final ok from Conte. Alternatively, the second choice is Pochettino who is also wanted by Manchester United.”

Source: CdS

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