The reasons that Inter lost yesterday are many. Fans can point their finger at our shocking defensive performance (and defending has been our strong point all season long), the lack of game plan, the wasted chances… All of that are true. But the one thing that went against Inter yesterday and wasn’t in their control was referee Luca Banti.

The Gazzetta dello Sport points out that Cagliari midfielder Cigarini should have been sent off yesterday after “a hard foul on Nainggolan on the 8th minute and then once again on the 12th. Banti did not give a second yellow on the latter and it was a serious error.” There was a third foul on him in the first half as well so Cigarini should have seen three yellow cards.

Another mistake was giving Cagliari a freekick leading to the first goal (foul on Skriniar), a freekick that should have not been granted.

Source: GdS

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