Those hot photos published on Instagram by both Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi are certainly not taken well by Inter management and fans. And so, they are back in the eye of the storm once more.

The Gazzetta dello Sport interviews Vincenzo Prunelli, neuropsychiatrist, psychoanalyst and sports psychologist.

“This is a classic phenomenon of immaturity. And all this need for exhibitionism leaves me very perplexed. Seeing this from the outside, I have the feeling that Mr. Icardi is a person who lets himself be guided by those that are around him. Here, I would stay that surely the person in charge (director) around him is not him. It gives me the feeling that he is selling his image very badly here and it can create many problems in sports. I also believe that this situation puts the work of a coach in great difficulty.

“Certainly, these over the top attitudes in the long run will tire and end up annoying other teammates. When you are such an important player, one that scores goals, you can fall into the trap of absurd thinking and say that ‘I am the most important and I do what I want.’”

Source: GdS

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