• The hard line of Marotta: big fine to Mauro.

  • And Wanda provokes: “Renewal is very far away…”

  • An extra day away from the club costs the captain 100 thousand euros.

  • Tense situation, response from wife-agent: “There are other clubs that want Mauro, it is not logical to sign at this figure.”

  • Returning to training 45 minutes late: Lautaro will also be disciplined.

There is a captain – Mauro Icardi – who made sure that he returned to Milan a day late. There is a wife-agent named Wanda Nara who expresses dissatisfaction about the ongoing negotiation and she does it publicly. And then there is a club – Inter – which cannot stand it anymore and fined the player 100 thousand euros, the maximum figure. That is pretty much the gist of the situation that has been dragging on since last season. Yesterday was another surreal day, just three weeks after the clash of December between the club and the striker. 

The delay – To ignite the fuse was the delayed return of Icardi from the holidays in Argentina. Training was initially scheduled for Monday the 7th but then it was moved to Tuesday the 8th at 11:00 am. Icardi warned the club about the problem and received the yes from Inter to show up at 5:00 pm, more or less the time of Lautaro’s return who also came from Buenos Aires and was at Appiano Gentile 45 minutes late. Il Toro will get a fine as well but it will be much smaller than that of Mauro. In fact, Icardi did not even present himself in the afternoon although at the training center, the technical staff was waiting for him. Everything was postponed until yesterday morning (Wednesday) when Mauro apologized to the club, his teammates and coach for the missed appointment. That was not enough because Inter chose the hardest line to take. The club executives decided to use the internal regulations signed by these same players to top for a very heavy fine of 100 thousand euros. A hard punch. For two reasons: first, Icardi is the captain of this group and by definition and not only symbolically, he should present himself not only on time but early. Yes, that flight from Buenos Aires was canceled but that is no excuse: Icardi should have avoided the mishap, perhaps choosing another travel option that would allow him an early return, certainly not later than the appointment with Spalletti. Secondly, the Nainggolan situation prior to Napoli put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth at the club. Yes, the behavior of Radja was more serious, only because it was repeated. Anyway, it is clear that the arrival of Marotta has allowed Inter to embrace the line of refusing to compromise. 

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