Inter are going younger and have eyes on Hamed Junior Traorè. The Ivorian midfielder (born in 2000) has become more and more of a fundamental piece of Beppe Iachini’s Empoli and could soon join the city of Milan in his future. The confirmation of Inter interest comes from the Tuscan club president Fabrizio Corsi: “There are three teams that have recently asked us about Traorè: one is Inter, while Napoli and Roma have not contacted us. Another team is French, one that plays regularly in the Champions League.”

Arriving in Italy at only 14 years old, dreaming of a life as a footballer, Traorè has come a long way with an evaluation of 10-15 million euros. It seemed that Napoli could acquire him in January, given the possible departure of one between Rog and Diawara, but the words of Corsi change the scenario. Hamed will turn 19 on February 16th and has a brother – 16-year-old Amah Diallo – who plays for Atalanta but has not made a debut in Serie A. Certainly, the number 8 of Empoli is a very interesting prospect as shown against Spalletti’s team in the last game of 2018: he has pace and strong character. He has an average player rating of 6.14 after playing 16 games for a total of 953 minutes.

Source: GdS

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