Suning, after a few weeks of reflections, has decided to bet on Antonio Conte. He will be the next coach of Inter because he is considered the best candidate out there to challenge Juventus and bring Inter back to the top.

Four draws out of the last five games (one win came against Frosinone) has undoubtedly contributed to making Spalletti’s position even more shaky. In addition, the rumors of Juventus letting go of Allegri were starting to emerge and so a decision had to be made. Zhang had to decide to avert the risk of losing the only heir to continue the work and legacy of Spalletti. 

And so Suning stepped up and Conte has said yes. The next step will be the journey of the new coach to the Chinese headquarters to know the club ownership personally. He chose Inter because he considers it an ambitious project and this is a great sign to Inter supporters all over the world.

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