Speaking to BZona.it, former Inter striker and legend Alessandro Altobelli talks about the coaching position of Inter.

“There are rumors about Conte and Mourinho with the first in pole position because they say he is Marotta’s chosen one. While Portuguese is more than just an old love of Moratti and of the old management. But I would like to emphasize that there is still an objective to be achieved with Spalletti who is trying to qualify for the Champions League. We also need to see how he can solve the problems between him and Icardi.

“Conte? I like any winning option. But I know Inter environment and as a fan, I do not know how a coach of historic rival like Juventus can be accepted. Coaching in the city of Milan is not easy and if things don’t go right then I’m worried to see the reaction of the fans.”

Source: BZona.it

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/4/11/inter-legendary-striker-alessandro-altobelli-conte-was-the-coach-of-our-historic-rival-juventus-how-can-he-be-accepted