For whatever the reasons are, Dalbert is still unable to demonstrate his abilities. Yes, there were glimpses of it but he has not been able to put them together. Last summer, the Brazilian was pursued by AS Monaco and it is likely that he could be sacrificed in five-six months. 

It is not a shocker that Inter have asked information on two leftbacks: Emerson Palmieri and Biraghi, two fullbacks of Roberto Mancini’s Italian national team but also two names in bold on the wish list of Marotta and Ausilio. Their Italian status never hurts regarding the rules and regulations of UEFA squad list, plus Biraghi has the advantage of growing up in the Inter’s youth sector. His value is around €15M-€20M. 

Perhaps it is a bit easier to get Emerson Palmieri, a very welcome name to Luciano Spalletti. He barely plays at Chelsea with only 13 minutes in the Premier League. Palmieri isn’t blossoming under the guidance of Sarri while Marco Alonso is untouchable. Despite this, Mancini always has him in the national team but it is equally evident that in the long run – such as Euro 2020 – the situation must change. 

A year ago, Emerson went from Roma to Chelsea for €20M (plus 9 in bonuses) and what he is doing so far may prompt Inter to ask for a loan in June. 

Source: GdS

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