Tuttosport is certain: everything is done between Inter and Rodrigo De Paul. 

“This negotiation will end in marriage this summer, despite the fact that Napoli in recent weeks came forward for the Argentinian. The meeting in Appiano with Augustin Jimenez, agent of De Paul, was needed for the player and Inter to find an agreement. Now with Udinese, there is also an agreement on his value: €30M. Inter will try to lower this figure using bonuses and players as counterparts.”

Politano will be redeemed by Suning but we cannot say the same about Keita. Perisic has had his eyes on the Premier League since  the end of 2018 and with his sale Marotta will reinvest that money to find another winger.

“The favorite is Nicolas Pepe on whom there is half of Europe. Lille would like to start the auction at €70M. This is why the path to sign Steven Bergwijn is much more affordable. Inter value the Dutch at €30M while PSV are asking for €40M. But there are great margins for both sides to make compromise and close this deal. Ausilio is a great admirer of Bergwijn but it will depend on the choice of coach for next season.

“In fact, it is difficult for Ausilio to carry out an operation this expensive until it is clear who will be chosen to lead Inter in the coming season. All the clues are saying Antonio Conte, with Mauricio Pochettino as alternative, but Spalletti is still in play for it especially if Suning would like to invest €25M to sign players instead of spending it to sack the Italian coach and his staff.”

Source: TS

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/4/30/de-paul-to-inter-done-next-up-is-pp-or-bergwijn-much-more-affordable