Incredible statement released this morning by Inter. The club has officially stripped Mauro Icardi’s captaincy and will give it to Samir Handanovic. According to Sky, this decision was made together by management and coach Luciano Spalletti. 

The last two-three months have been nothing but chaotic, ever since contract talks started to renew the Argentinian’s until 2023. It began with his late return from holidays in Argentina which resulted in a fine of 100 thousand euros although his agent and wife denied. Speaking of the wife, Wanda and Marotta have been going back and forth, making statements that aren’t exactly allowing this club to have a calm environment. The recent words of Wanda were that, and I am paraphrasing here, Inter needed to buy more quality players to serve the ball to Icardi who needed more protection from the club. 

Furthermore, Mauro Icardi is not called up for the away trip to Austria against Rapid Vienna.

Source: Sky

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