The meeting between Inter and Wanda Nara for Mauro Icardi’s new contract is set for Tuesday. “It will not be decisive,” said the Gazzetta dello Sport, “but it will be indicative of the path that needs to be taken to get to the happy end.”

“The ‘game’ on Tuesday will be for three: Giuseppe Marotta, Piero Ausilio and Wanda Nara. Later on, there will also be Giovani Gardini, Wanda’s assistants Letterio Pino and Ulisse Savini when all sides are closer to a signature (more meetings will be scheduled then). Inter would like to not only sit down with Wanda but also with the entire team of Icardi. Despite this request (or maybe because of it), Wanda will only show up by herself. 

“The will of Inter is to guarantee Icardi a wage worthy of a top player in the Italian league. Reference to Dybala and Higuain is not accidental: €7M and the elimination of the release clause. And during this negotiation, the club will reiterate the request for less exposure (on social media or to the media) of the Icardi family.”

Source: GdS

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