The knot named Mauro Icardi is going to be the biggest issue for Giuseppe Marotta to solve going forward. At this point, in order to reach a new contract agreement, it is essential to calm everything to avoid a traumatic summer transfer. And just from this point of view, a very dangerous war of nerves is being played. In fact, because of these precedents, the Icardi family would like to see a transfer to happen in Italy: first option is Juventus, Napoli are alternative. 

Last summer, the Icardi-Higuain exchange disappeared quickly when there was an agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo. But in the head of Wanda, the Bianconeri affect remains. However, Inter will cancel that affect in her head with two options on the table: either Icardi finds a foreign buyer or he stays until 2021.

Source: GdS

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