The greatest fear of Fiorentina supporters is only one: to see Federico Chiesa leaving as they saw the same with Roberto Baggio.

“Clubs are already lining up: Inter and Juventus in Italy, then Bayern, Real Madrid, Manchester City and United. These clubs have been monitoring the growing process of Chiesa over the past few months. The winger is considered to be Italy’s biggest talent which will give his new team a strong leap in quality. Being one of the most sought after talents in the world comes with a massive price tag: €60M and raising. Raising to how much? It really is scary to imagine. That is why the fear is understandable because everyone knows that it is going to be a torturous summer. However, the final decision will be Chiesa’s to make. He has a big heart, loves the Fiorentina shirt, but it will be extremely difficult to say no to everything and everyone.”

Source: CdS

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