Fifteen years of working together and then they parted ways with Giuseppe Marotta going to Inter to signify the beginning of a duel. The game in just a couple of hours between Inter and Juventus is also one between the Inter CEO and his counterpart in White and Black in Fabio Paratici.

“Marotta only wanted Inter. Because to him, the Nerazzurri are the club that he can quickly build a team that can compete with Juventus. And also because going to Milan was a reaction commensurate with the surprise words and action of Andrea Agnelli who  removed Marotta from Board of Directors at the end of last September… only to replace him with his right-hand man Paratici. 

“Today, for the very first time they will be adversaries in the stands but they have been like that for months now on the transfer market. These months were marked with words of attack at a distance between the two on the situation of Mauro Icardi and Paulo Dybala. Is this exchange still possible? Complicated. We can expect a lot more ‘fireworks’ and back and forth because there is also the possibility of Inter bringing in Conte or Allegri as coach next season. Or viceversa: Icardi wouldn’t renew with Inter to arrive in Turin. Marotta and Paratici are just getting started and the real show has yet to begin.”

Source: CdS

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