Interview by Libero, Massimiliano Mirabelli went back to the time when he was the right hand man of Piero Ausilio at Inter.

“I was scouting Gabriel Jesus when he was at Palmeiras, I had just discovered him on a video. I followed him for a couple of games and understood that we needed to scout him so more in training. But any stranger, especially during derby time in Brazil, is considered a spy. So I introduced myself as an Italian that wanted to see the facility and so they let me in. Then I went back to Italy and this signing was practically done for €20M but the agent was just wasting a lot of time and so Manchester City closed the deal first. Then they asked me about Gabriel Barbosa and if Inter can be rebuilt around him. My answer was ‘I don’t recommend it’ and you all know the result. Casemiro? Everything was good for us to sign him for €5M but they preferred Yann M’Vila.”

Source: Libero

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