Gagliardini and Fiorentina, this thing was born and died within a day. Negotiation is stalled for two reasons. First, Inter are only willing to let the Italian go facing an economic offer which means either a permanent sale or paid loan with obligation to buy. Second, Gagliardini seems… uninterested looking at Fiorentina as a future destination. Instead, the midfielder wants to play for his chances at least until June. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the Nerazzurri received a substantial offer from the Premier League but it was rejected by the player.

All of this movements, however, make it clear that Gagliardini will remain a “sensitive” name until the end of the January transfer window. And if things change and he is sold, then Inter would be forced to look for a replacement: Benassi is an option to be discarded while Barella is for the summer, not immediate future.

Source: GdS

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