Mauro Icardi once again decided to choose social media as a channel of communication. Inter, reportedly, are disappointed by the behavior of its former captain. He and his partner, Wanda, have continued to use social networks and TV channels and communication tools without listening to outcry of the club to give it a rest. The more they do it, the more everything is confirmed the clear intention of not wanting to respect the demands of Inter, Icardi’s employer.

“Inter are put at the center of rather targeted attacks by the player who has fallen into the mistake of putting his ego in front of everything: zero references to the team, no change of attitude towards management, technical and medical staff, no word that would suggest displeasure or repentance for the way in which he is facing this situation.”

In roughly 12 hours, Inter arrive to Cagliari to player another delicate match while the former captain remains home to do physiotherapy and to write social media messages like a child. 

This story right now is at end credits.

Source: GdS

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