The Gazzetta dello Sport looks back to last summer and compares operations made by Inter and Juventus when it comes to fullbacks: Asamoah going to the Nerazzurri, Cancelo to Juventus.

“It is inevitable that the starting point of this discussion will be based on the cost: €40M for Cancelo, €0 for the Ghanaian. With two more games left until the end of the season, this ‘exchange’ of sort is more positive for Inter than Juventus. Yes, Asamoah has major mistakes against Mandzukic and also PSV but for the rest of the season, he has been more than sufficient for the Nerazzurri, the most difficult month for him was around winter time. Cancelo had a good start but ultimately disappointed Allegri especially in the defensive phase of the game and he never improved during the season. And it is no coincidence that both sides are moving towards a divorce.”

Source: GdS

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