The last time Giuseppe Marotta had the opportunity to negotiate with a female agent – Madame Dinorah Santana for Dani Alves -, that day ended with an overturned desk. Perhaps an ugly path is also needed here with Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. Or maybe not, because a direct contact, besides the Christmas dinner, between Marotta and Wanda has not happened. Icardi will be in Appiano Gentile on Tuesday to resume training, returning from holidays spent in Argentina. January is the month of renewals, Marotta explained this publicly during the days of media chaos with Wanda. Inter and Icardi will sit down next week to assess the big gap between what’s being offered and what Wanda is asking for, to try to fill it in a relative short time frame.

The public clash with Wanda in the days before Christmas did not affect the optimism of the club whose intention is to close it without dragging for too long. There is no need for cases like this to be exposed on the media, Marotta at Juventus was the man of complicated renewals: Pogba, Dybala and Pjanic are just a few names. Inter are willing to increase their offer from €6M (received and rejected) to €7M with subsequent extension until 2023. Icardi is a top player and therefore he must be recognized with a top salary, just like Marotta did to Dybala in 2017 with a wage of €7.3M. 

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