Arsenal fans debate Alex Iwobi’s potential and one fan names three winger targets for Unai Emery and a Liverpool fans suggests giving Daniel Sturridge and Joel Matip a chance in midfield, all in our forum.


Am I the only one not buying into Iwobi… I’ve heard fans say he’s a great player etc. To be honest, I don’t think so, certainly under Emery he’s doing better than what he did towards the end of Wenger but I think he’s pretty poor.

He manages to get away from a few players and then gets confused what to do with the ball, we definitely need a wide player or two to replace the likes of Iwobi. I guess we have no choice to play him as we just don’t have any athleticism in the wide forward position really. Aubameyang as much as he’s doing well isn’t a wide player as well…

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Iwobi is well underrated IMO.No one ever said he’s a great player,what he has is bags of potential.You have to manage players by expectaions.The same thing happened with poor walcott who provided a great service over the years to us.But people expected him to be a Cristiano or something and always lambasted him.His track record was brilliant for us and we should’ve never let him go.
Iwobi similarly,His involvement in goals for the minutes he plays is very impressive.He has a a great technical ability.I also feel he’s improved over the years.

What I can agree here is that Auba is not a wide player,and that we need to sign atleast one wide player in the winter market and then another next summer.On top of which,we could easily ship off players like Ozil and miki who are nicking wages at the club.Ozil I’d sell without thinking twice,miki I like but he is well overpaid as well.What we should do is divert those funds to giving ramsey a new contract,someone who has a much bigger impact,is more consistent and shows more commitment.

As for the wide player,we could easily get malcolm on loan from barca with an option to buy.Nicholas pepe is another good option.But in the long term I want Zaha.

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Seems that we will likely be the team to seriously threaten City for the title and I’m wondering if we should not give players like Sturridge and Matip more game time so as to have a fresher squad next year. I could well picture the pair in midfield.

Sturridge could bring some flair and creativity in that department and Matip has an eye for a good pass and does not fear to drive forward whenever he gets the opportunity.



This is a joke, right? It’s not April 1st is it? Sturridge is frightened of a tackle, so how long do you think he’d last in midfield before he gets another “injury”?

Hmmm, bringing creativity to the midfield … he seems to have an aversion to passing the ball, so how could be possibly be creative?

As for Matip, he’s a 6ft2 (or more) defender who never wins a header. Neither of these two is good enough in their proper roles, so what makes you think they would succeed in midfield? We’ve got plenty of midfielders to play there.

Derek Wirral


LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 02: Jurgen Klopp, Manager of Liverpool gives the thumbs up to his players during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Everton FC at Anfield on December 02, 2018 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

I agree that we should be rotating the odd player. the thing is, you wonder how much the change in our system is down to Klopp wanting to manage fatigue? I think it’s forgotten because of how we play and some other things but Klopp is very much focused around fitness. Doesnt he have a masters or something in the field? I read before that he did his thesis about walking.

My point is that although I think we should be rotating players a bit, maybe we won’t need as much as we did previously. Either way, I would hope to see the defence given a rest soon, before it gets crazy hectic.



Mak : Think that if we wait for players to get tired before giving them a rest then it’s too late, have seen many freak results in February, March last year we almost gave Chelsea a lifeline for the fourth spot that’s why I think the league may be decided on either City or us or a third contender drawing or losing against a relegation threatened team in these months.

Derek Wirral: I’m not saying that we play those two players against Utd or Arsenal but against the likes of Burnley or Hudderfield at home would not be such a big risk. City have a bottomless pit of cash that’s why when Mangala was not up to standard Pep bought Otamendi only to demote the Argentine after he bought Stones and Laporte. We can’t emulate him so that’s why I think we should get all players involved in the campaign.

Not only to give others a rest but to keep them on their toes and avoid rustiness if we are forced to put them in the starting line up.

I could argue that Matip would do a better job in midfield than Keita right now as the latter seems completely out of sync with his team mates, whereas the former knows our system and has developed a good understanding with the other players.

As for Sturridge I consider to be one of the most intelligent players in the squad and he is wasted on the bench. He was trying to make things happen in the vicinity of the crowded penalty box against Everton and got them worried in the short time he was on. Doubt if we had bought Fekir that tackling would have been one of his forte.

Lastly I would add that Mourinho deployed Luiz in midfield and Conte deployed Moses as a wing back all to good effect.



I think we need a coach for our players to have better control of the ball. We need this badly, many time we have the opportunity to create something but the players first touch/ controlling the ball are not that great. We need players to control the ball like BERGKHAMP,ZIDANE, MATT LE TESSIER in their prime.



I not sure I agree with you, relative to other teams we have players with good ball control but I do agree that this season the final pass has sometimes been lacking. Could be Klopps tactics means players are exhausted by the time they get to the final third or confidence issues other some other reasons but in general I think we have some good players with good ball control. We just need to fine tune our tactics I think.



Kickass, I agree 100% with you. But many posters will just ignore your comments.
Our front 3 are good at scoring goals but give them time on the ball and they aren’t very effective with it. If people actually watch how often our front 3 lose the ball cheaply, they’d be shocked. Firmino is probably the biggest culprit due to his very laid back style. He tries first time passes and flicks, when there is often no need to. Now he’s also off form and it is even more noticeable.

Somehow, esp last season, we still managed to carve teams up. But if people actually focussed on the individual on-the-ball technique of the front 3, they may be unpleasantly surprised – esp if we compare them to the best players around (which we’re supposed to do, right?)…

Anyway, we’re still racking up the points, so not too much to complain about…Peace



DaVinci didn’t you think the ball control thing is relative somewhat? How many teams have better forwards players with better ball control. Sure man city maybe but apart from that our front three have ball control which is comparable i would say. Sure I would have say one player from each of the top teams, Hazard, Sanchez, Son, (can’t think for arsenal Ozil?), Sane – is it safe to like Sterling lol considering many called steering out for having terrible ball control but seems like he is doing well.

What I’m trying to say is that yes team has some good players but I don’t think we are that bad. I think Klopps tactics and descision not to replace Coutinho means players have less time and space on the ball.



Yes we are second and unbeaten in the league and I know Klopp has changed things up doing an amazing job when he swapped VVD for Coutinho but a few months in and I think that we are seriously lacking a midfield pass master. For all Coutinhos flashy ability, he was actually an amazing creator.

One of the cool things about Coutinho was that he was able to drive his way through traffic and then lay off a incisive pass. Teams knew this and afforded him an extra ten yards distance, this also gave our team that little extra but crucial space to destroy their defense with the pace of the front three. He was more than just a effective dribbler he was a pass master and that is why Barcelona valued him so highly.

Now we have lost that extra space in the midfield area, our midfield are struggling sometimes having constant battles with the opposition, and as such we haven’t been as effective dominating midfield.

Now you could argue that Coutinho was a defensive liability and now looking at our defensive record is one of the best of all time at this stage. True. But surely if Klopp never had to sell Coutinho and we could still afford to buy VVD I think both players would have been in the team as of right now.

I’m not going to pretend that I know off the top of my head who/what leftfield targets we could aim for to replace Coutinho. But I wouldn’t mind a stab at Fekir especially if we can negotiate a clause whereby if he sustains a repeat injury to his knees then we don’t have to pay as much. That I could live with. We need some cutting edge in that midfied it’s way to dry and lacking dynamism and I think a player like Fekir would give us that extra space in midfield and provide those crucial assists from deeper in the team, that we are lacking. What do you guys think?



We are going after Pulisic mate, I think it became clear that he was willing to move next summer and the club dropped their interest in Fekir afterwards.



Seen Mourinho’s presser yesterday and it was f***ing strange with a capital S. Don’t know if he thinks the board are backing him to the hilt or he just doesn’t give a boll** anymore. Cant believe he is still deflecting everything from himself and making daft excuses about signings and player professionalism.

Maybe he is already getting the narrative for his sacking out there early. He also was proper rude to MUTV. A mate was telling me David May and Lou Macari hammered him a bit after the Southampton game. So now he is annoyed at some of the squad, the board and in house TV. He must be looking canned.

Anyways, no idea what to make of tonight’s game. We could get spanked 4 or scrape an ugly win. Not sure it makes a difference anymore either way. Will go for a 1-0 win.


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