The past 5-6 weeks for Lautaro Martinez have been nothing short of magical. The Argentinian number 10 of Inter, thanks to the absence of Mauro Icardi, became an immovable starter in the lineup of Luciano Spalletti and is now with the Argentinian national team with Lionel Messi.

“Lautaro has gone from starting against lesser opponents or the first option to come off the bench to being a pillar of this team. Of course, if there hadn’t been the Icardi soap opera, Lautaro would probably still have his role as a backup. The present of Lautaro is clear: in the 5 games without Icardi in Serie A, he always played for all 90 minutes, scored two goals and always showed the whole repertoire of his skills and technical abilities. And now, Lautaro dreams of Coppa America this summer after World Cup exclusion of last year.”

Source: GdS

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