Borja Valero speaks to Sky Sport after the elimination of Inter from the 2018-2019 Champions League:

“There is bitterness and disappointment. We had everything in hand to quality and instead… After allowing the first goal, we let ourselves go into the frenzy, to the point of losing many useless balls. But slowly we got back into the game and were there until the last. In the end, we just did not managed to qualify.

“We knew we had to win and sometimes this goes against you and it was like that today because we could not handle the match. We were aware of the fact that we had to score the second goal, as Tottenham could have scored at any moment (which they did). Physically, we cannot fight against this type of team but we have to try and move forward and be more dangerous with crosses. Their goal was massive and in the end, it cost us the qualification.”

Source: Sky

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