Without Icardi but with Lautaro at full capacity in the engine. Luciano Spalletti yesterday praised his number 10 who remains only the center forward in the squad after the rift with the club’s former captain. Against Cagliari, today’s opponent, in the first leg, Lautaro scored his first Italian goal.

“The fear is that playing repeatedly in matches that are so close to each other may affect the level of energy, one of his most visible gifts and one that leads him to go after the ball many times. In fact, versus Fiorentina, we saw that Lautaro used his energy more efficiently, moved with more parsimony, perhaps that was him following Spalletti’s instruction.”

Lautaro is on the verge of suspension in both Serie A and Europa League so he must limit any type of unnecessary foul or protest.

“The way that he plays, he ends up making life easier for other players in the attack,” said GdS. And Spalletti knows it well.

Source: GdS

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