Adios Erick Thohir: the Indonesian is about to sell his 31% of the club that he still has to a private investment fund based in Hong Kong. They will then support Suning in the management of the club according to the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Negotiations have been going on for weeks now: it was not easy to find a common ground on the valuation of the shares: €150M for 31%. There were more than one meetings between Zhang and Thohir but the one last October, in Hong Kong, was when the most significant steps were taken.”

The official announcement is within a month at most. Anyway, the Gazzetta imagines the future with this new partner of Suning.

“The doubt, theoretically, is why this investment fund wanted the minority share of this club. In reality, even in areas that are not just about football, it is a fairly common practice. The men of Zhang Jindong are here to stay, they have a long-term project for Inter. Certainly, this new shareholder sees the potential in growth margins that Inter have, perhaps also due to the stadium project. Meaning, that would lead to potential gain on the investment made. This is good news for Inter: if the value of the club grows, it is easier to grow the value of the team.”

Source: GdS

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