At training camp with the Argentinian national team, Lautaro Martinez speaks with TNT Sports about the situation of Mauro Icardi and his first goal in Milan derby last weekend.

“It is not a good thing: not for him and not for us who are in the team. We cannot do much, the decision must be taken by those who are working with him and those that are around him. What has happened over the last few weeks must be solved by him, his team and the club.

“I am very happy with the present, I was able to play in my first Milan derby and got myself a goal and a victory. It is really a fantastic satisfaction, I couldn’t sleep that night because there was so much joy. What has changed? I am getting more minutes but I always try to improve in my daily training. The process of adapting to European football can last for a few months and it depends also on the type of player. I certainly feel more complete now as I have learned a different type of football. The Italian league is very competitive where tactical part is important for each of the team that you face. Training sessions are also different. Knowing another type of football has allowed me to grow as a player.”

Source: TNT Sports

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