The game on Sunday will be his, at least on the emotional level. Andrea Pinamonti, Frosinone striker on loan from Inter, will face the team that he is a fan of and one that he dreams of being able to return, perhaps to be able to play with Mauro Icardi.

“I have an excellent relationship with Icardi even off the pitch. For a young player, it was not easy to arrive in a city like Milan. He gave me a great hand because he saw himself in me: he too, when arrived in Italy, was young and alone and so he took me into his care. He gave me advice and helped me. This is why my dream is not to take his spot but to play with him.

“Football quality in Trentino (where he was born) is low, it never stands out and there are only a few players. Now it is just me and De Paoli from Chievo but I have always had this great passion. For generations, my family has always been an Interista family and I definitely became Interista because of them.”

Source: FCIN

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