Rodrigo De Paul discusses his future with the Corriere dello Sport, one that could see him in the black and blue colors of Inter.

Is it true that Inter wanted you already in January?

“I wanted to stay here, even though I did read certain things. But in my head, it was clear that I would stay here until June. I had given my word to the club because leaving in the middle of the season to me is like playing for 45 minutes and then leaving the pitch. I don’t like that.”

How does it feel to be wanted by Inter?

“It is nice because it means that I am doing well. I always work to grow and improve.”

At Inter, Argentinians have made history there and maybe you could be next…

“I have a great friendship with Milito, who is Racing technical secretary, and with Samuel, who is the assistance coach of the national team. When Diego talks about Inter, his eyes sparkle. Same with Walter. It is a pleasure to listen to their stories. Milan is a beautiful city and I am proud of these rumors coming out about me.”

Source: CdS

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