Before receiving the “Manager of the Year” award, Piero Ausilio stops by to talk to the media for a few minutes on a wide variety of topic.

The award – “It gives me pleasure because it comes from the world of professionals. I have become an expert at UEFA FFP (laughs) and I am appreciated for my work done over the years. I am happy, this is an award that belongs to all sports directors that work in a professional manner.”

Icardi and contract – “On our part, there is consistency with what we have always said: we are happy with Icardi for how he is playing on the pitch as our captain. He is a person who takes his responsibilities seriously and seeing how he takes penalty kicks: he is not afraid of anything. Everything else does not matter: there is an office at Inter headquarters where I am always available, even to the agent of Icardi who knows very well where she can find me. The Christmas box office movie does not interest me. I am being honest: Inter’s offer was signed two years ago, the new one of two months ago at the moment has not been accepted. But this does not mean we cannot go forward. I repeat: on our side, there is the desire to extend and adjust the contract. I do not discuss things on social media, but only in my office where I am completely available. And now there is Marotta too.”

Juve negotiation for Icardi – “I will respond to this with a laugh and a no comment because it is best to not comment on something like this during Christmas time.”

Source: FCIN

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