“Juventus are the most structured club between those that I played for. From leadership to the fans, everyone has a clear role. And the players know that they come after the club. This is the strength that allows Juve to remain at the top. I left Turin because I did not want to play in Serie B at the end of my career. I was lucky enough to go to Inter, a familiar club but that lacks rigor.”

This is Patrick Vieira, protagonist and leader in both shirts, looking back to 2006 when Juventus were found guilty in the biggest match-fixing scandal in football. The results then were that Juventus got stripped of their Scudetti and were sent to Serie B together with their reputation.

“There are rivalries at every level of football which often leads to very good matches. Everyone wants to play in it to win. This game between Inter and Juve will be a battle. Nobody wants to lose. At stake is honor both on and off the pitch. Maybe Inter will risk more but Juventus won’t be distracted.

“Juventus have won 8 straight titles and it also happens in France with PSG, Spain with Real Madrid and Barcelona, Germany with Bayern. Juventus are working the best, they reinforce well. Milan are rebuilding while Inter haven’t taken off since Mourinho. But in general, people think too much about short terms. If it goes wrong in the first year, it is nothing. It takes time to build.”

Source: GdS

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/4/27/patrick-vieira-i-left-juventus-because-i-did-not-want-to-play-in-serie-b