Speaking exclusively to FCIN, Fulco van Kooperen of Muy Manero agency talks about the future of Steven Bergwijn.

“He comes from a very close family. He is very social person, very humble. He is educated thanks to the teachings of his parents. I can say all of this without any hesitations and problems because I have known Stevie since he was a 7-year-old boy. He surely does have a huge talent, one that we must develop it step by step. He is the same young player with that enormous talent when he was 7 years old but he still loves football like when he was a child. He always trains hard and does what the coaches expect from him. He is a reliable player for any coach. This is why he has matured very well. I am not surprised and he will continue to grow.

“Top clubs have been following Stevie since he was young. Today, he is focused on getting results for his team, PSV, and the national team, the Netherlands. He does not think about any other team. He wants to win the Dutch league and play well for his country. How much is he worth? I cannot put a fixed amount on it. I can only say that a fair price is needed for such a gifted player in today’s transfer market. Inter? Any club that admires Steven and can give him the right foundation for his next step of improvement is a serious candidate. And the Nerazzurri are that: a serious candidate. I had a conversation with Piero Ausilio.”

Source: FCIN

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/4/8/agent-i-talked-to-ausilio-and-inter-are-serious-candidate-for-steven-bergwijn