Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, once again talks to the media about the stadium situation in the San Siro area:

“It’s up to the two clubs at the moment. But I stress that in the City, we are discussing a new project and it would be better for Milan and Inter to clarify their needs. We are waiting for their requests which must be within the rules. It is also important to speed up the reflections. I do not know if they are able to do it, but we urge them and explain that the project is moving towards approval. 

“Me personally? I would prefer that the two teams to stay at the current San Siro stadium. But if they prefer the opportunity to build another stadium in that area then we will consider it but know this: the City cannot strip the ownership of the current San Siro or leave it unoccupied. It is something that we must discuss together.”

Source: FCIN

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