Mauro Icardi continues to update his records. According to the Corriere dello Sport, Christian Vieri, ranked 8th in Inter’s all-time goalscorers, is just 3 goals ahead of the Inter captain, it only remains to be seen whether Icardi can do so before the end of 2018. For the 7th spot, occupied by Hungarian Istvan Nyers (133 goals), the overtaking could possibly happen at the end of the season (Icardi is on 120 goals).

  1. Giuseppe Meazza 284 goals

  2. Alessandro Altobelli 209

  3. Roberto Boninsegna 171

  4. Sandro Mazzola 161

  5. Luigi Cevenini 158

  6. Benito Lorenzi 143

  7. Istvan Nyers 133

  8. Christian Vieri 123

  9. Mauro Icardi 120

Source: CdS

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