Playing Mauro Icardi and Lautaro Martinez together is not simple. If it were, Luciano Spalletti would have played them in the same lineup since the start of the season.

There must be a game system that can withstand two strikers without running the risk of tactical implosion. Spalletti tried it for a full summer, but then after the failed debut at Sassuolo where he launched Icardi and Lautaro from the first minute, he has only done it again once and that was against Benevento in the Coppa Italia. Both are goal scorers and they have a common natural habitat that is the opposing area.

So what are the options? Wing plays have been ineffective as Perisic is declining more and more each game. Spalletti has tried the 4-3-3. When Nainggolan is fit again, he could support the two Argentinians in a 4-3-1-2 but that’s not Spalletti’s system. Is 4-4-2 better? Perhaps, provided that the two wingers and strikers are ready to sacrifice themselves. 

Source: GdS

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