“In a corner, that’s where Icardi has been since his demotion. In fact, he has also been pushing his teammates away, more so than the club. It is true that when the players are asked about him, they always say: ‘We are waiting.’ But behind it, there are different words and gestures that make us understand that he is more ‘out’ than ‘in’ the dressing room. This is why, first and foremost, Mauro must clarify himself with the rest of the team.”

The Corriere dello Sport analyzes the words of Javier Zanetti who explained that it is a must to have a face-to-face between Icardi and his teammates.

“Zanetti’s words help to interpret what happened on Thursday evening, starting from the way in which Ranocchia’s goal was celebrated (collectively). And then there was Perisic who became a stranger in January. His goal was also celebrated in a special way. Apparently, the Croatian used the right action and words to reintegrate himself into the team.”

Now it is up to Icardi because his contribution is needed in this last part of the season. And then, in the summer, it is what it is…

Source: CdS

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/2/23/icardi-continues-pushing-away-teammates-having-frank-conversation-suggested-by-zanetti-is-so-important