One has Icardi in their mind, the other would be willing to re-discover Dybala. Yet, the exchange of all exchanges between Inter and Juventus is struggling to take shape precisely because of their mutual reluctance.

Since they separated, Fabio Paratici and Giuseppe Marotta have lost the confidence and trust gained over the years of working together, first at Sampdoria and then at Juventus. The Juventus director and his Interista “teacher’ find themselves uneasy in this intertwining of the transfer market that has stirred two clubs that have always been rivals.

This responsibility weighs tremendously on their moves. An indirect inquiry was already taken place as friends but there is no negotiation. In the past, Juventus thought about doing a straight swap between Mauro and Higuain while the other side, Inter wanted an operation in their favor (meaning Higuain plus cash). This hypothesis did not happen as both teams were very hesitant of making it happen. At least for now.

This false start has the effect of “stiffening” Inter and Juventus even more. Without going into the economic terms of Icardi-Dybala exchange, both Marotta and Paratici have this clear feeling that the fortunes of Mauro and Paulo in a different shirt could be reversed. Their next signing campaign will be the first in complete autonomy after 8 seasons successfully shared in Black and White. In any case, comparisons must be taken for granted, it is in the logic of things.

Just imagine if Inter and Juventus really give away their Argentinian strikers, everyone would be afraid of it coming back to haunt them. But in any case, the technical problem remains. At Inter, they have good reason to believe that Dybala would mesh well with Lautaro Martinez. Juventus, meanwhile, given the lack of money to finance the purchase of his replacement, given that between Ronaldo, Mandzukic and Kean, there is no lack of center forwards. On the other hand, the Turin club needs a lot of money to sign someone like Chiesa. 

So what now? It is difficult to imagine this hypothesis to go through between Inter and Juve. For Icardi and Dybala, in this sad 2019, the long-awaited joy does not seem to be on the horizon. At least on the market front.

Source: GdS

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