“The worst punishment possible for the most serious behavior: to delegitimize and embarrass someone’s teammates. Mauro Icardi is no longer the captain of Inter, the club decided to remove the armband that had been on his arm since August 2015. Starting Thursday’s night, goalkeeper Samir Handanovic will be captain. A difficult decision but a right one and the club just could not postpone it any longer.”

The Corriere della Sera continues, “Icardi pays with personal humiliation due to the bitter and ugly criticism from his wife Wanda when she said ‘I would like to see Mauro more protected by the club because sometimes nasty stuff have come out from the inside. If I have to choose between an extension and teammates who are capable of giving him five decent balls, I would pick the second.’”

Source: Corsera

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/2/13/corsera-icardi-humiliated-due-to-wandas-ugly-and-bitter-criticism-of-his-teammates