Yesterday, Mauro Icardi had a medical exam which “did not reveal any significant change compared to the one performed at the start of this current season.” Meaning? Well, Icardi does feel pain according to the Gazzetta dello Sport but this “annoyance” did not stop him from playing before the big event occurred when he was stripped of the captaincy. 

Dr Volpi was able to compare the scan carried out yesterday with that of July and did not find any deterioration. But when Icardi says he feels pain (supposedly), the club cannot push him to play. And so, a recovery program is being developed as mentioned by Luciano Spalletti in the press conference. It will include physiotherapy mixed with physical reconditioning so that Icardi won’t lose any physical fitness. 

How long is the program? It goes from week to week and we can consider Icardi to be out against Fiorentina.

Source: GdS

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