The clash between Mauro Icardi and Inter continues. The Corsera told us of a “meeting that yesterday with Spalletti, professor Corsini, Marotta, Ausilio and Gardini. In which, the Argentinian continued to say no to the possibility of returning to the team. And now, he will continue physiotherapy until international break that will take place later in March and especially has postponed any decision about his future after the Milan derby when he should have a conversation with Inter president Steven Zhang.”

The Corriere della Sera also reported a phase spoken by the former captain: “This is the last time that I talk to you (Inter management).” Cleary he isn’t happy with how things have transpired because Icardi and his team believe that Inter have already decided to sell him in the summer, to use the money to build a new team to close the gap with Juventus, helping to fuel a swear campaign against Mauro. 

Damaging Mauro’s image would prevent the fans to rebel another case of Vucini-Guarin (this swap was in the works with Juventus but the fans were openly against it). In the meantime, Icardi, who denies having problems with the dressing room, saw his teammates yesterday who, according to the striker, showed signs of openness. 

Source: Corsera

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