Mauro Icardi is willing to stay at Inter according to the Corriere della Sera.

“He does not want to leave, the club does not want to sell and above all he has not received any offer. Mauro Icardi has no intention of leaving Inter. He is convinced that his story in the black and blue colors is not over and has made it clear with the club and his agent and wife, Wanda Nara, has done so as well.”

Corsera continues, “This situation between Icardi and Inter has become a war of position. The club would like to get at least €70M by selling him but there is no offer. The exchange with Juventus striker Paulo Dybala remains only a hypothesis. There was talk of Napoli willing to offer Lorenzo Insigne. There is little concrete but Icardi is convinced: he is willing to stay at Inter for the next two years and to adapt to the coach’s technical demands, whoever that coach will be. Spalletti is playing for his chances to stay but Icardi hopes to have a new one to close the past and start a new chapter.

“Rebuilding relationship with Luciano Spalletti is not easy but the player has no intention of stepping aside or accepting any destination that Inter could offer him. He will leave only for a team that he likes and there aren’t many: Juventus, Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid. Icardi knows that he is risking a lot but he is convinced that him spending time on the bench recently is one more problem for Spalletti’s Inter instead of himself. But in reality, not playing continuously could cost him his place with the Argentinian national team.”

Other two challenges that Mauro must overcome are the broken relationship with Inter ultras and a new contract that will probably not happen.

“It is true that the Curva Nord has branded him a traitor, it is also true that most of the fans are with him. And then there is the contract. Without a renewal, Icardi would lose large earnings but he also knows that Inter cannot afford to see it expire.”

Source: Corsera

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