According to the Corriere dello Sport, everyone at Inter, especially the players, are all aware of the knee inflammation that Icardi has this season. But the player always played with it, without any particular issues. 

The training sessions that he had by himself (usually when a player is hurt, he trains alone using personalized program) this season can be counted on one hand. 

So why now? In the most crucial part of the season, Icardi has decided not to make further sacrifice. Why, if Inter are as important as he has claimed, is he not making himself available, given the fact that he knows Inter need him? Especially since there are those who have worse knee conditions than his and the thought of stopping is nowhere near their mind.

Moreover, the latest Wanda’s statements certainly did not help. Inter suffered a great injustice in Florence and so she found nothing better to do than to compare the incident with what happened to her husband’s.

Source: CdS

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