Even Andrea Pirlo chimes in on the current situation of Inter.

“In the last game against Lazio, a striker was surely missing. Inter put in so many crosses in the box but there was no one to jump up in that middle area. Keita is not a true first striker and then at the end, Spalletti tried with Vecino. The statements on Icardi? Spalletti is being consistent, in what he has done and said. About this soap opera: doesn’t a captain have the personality to go and talk to a coach, a director or a teammate? Do you really need a lawyer? As for the subject of calling him up for games: if Icardi decides when to train, Spalletti can decide when to play him.”

Source: Sky

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/4/1/pirlo-if-icardi-can-decide-when-to-train-then-spalletti-can-decide-when-to-play-him